“Thank You Berry Much–the Many Ways These Tasty Gems Can Keep Us Going Strong”

“You want a smoothie?” I’ll ask my husband some mornings before work. The rotation is usually between that and a freshly made green juice.

“Sure,” he says. “That’ll work.” And his request is usually berry, meaning a combination of fresh organic raspberries and blueberries.

Fresh, as in we usually buy them from the local farmer’s market, rinse and then freeze them for the next day. One thing I’ve noticed…the smoothies come out waay better when freezing the berries…and I’m not the biggest fan of buying them already frozen. I’ll sometimes toss in a bit of banana and a splash of almond milk…and next thing you know, my husband is making the “mmmm” and “yummy” declarations, enjoying his tall frosty glass of luscious berry-power, smooth, creamy and naturally bursting with fruit flavors galore.

With not a bit of added sugar…AND, packed full of powerhouse nutrition to boot. Loaded with vitamin C & mega-antioxidants, they’re great for burning fat, fighting heart disease, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure and yes (drumroll), cancer as well…


(NOTE: This post is not yet complete–but nearly finished, and I can easily let you know when it’s good to go…) 

NOTE: This post is not yet complete--but that's ok!
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Before you go–is there anything about berries that you wanna share?

Let me ask you…what kind of berries are your favorite? Raspberries, blueberries…or maybe one I didn’t yet mention? What are the health benefits you’re most grateful for? Are you working on lowering your blood pressure, cancer, heart disease?

And how are berries a part of your daily eating/drinking? Do you toss them in a smoothie? Sprinkle them over your morning breakfast of overnight oatmeal or chia pudding?  Or do you just throw them in a bowl and snack on them–with nothing else? Please let me know…and leave your comments below!


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  • Carol Smith

    Wild blueberries: I switched to these after reading up on the Medical Medium Anthony Willliams, he is amazing and gets messages from Spirit about what to eat for various illnesses. Wild blueberries are one of the foods he says we need o switch to …These little gems are the top health tonic you can find. Turn to wild blueberries for immune system support, tissue repair, anti-aging, digestive cleansing, ADHD management, extraction of heavy metals from your system…the list goes on. You also want these in your toolkit for prevention of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Perfect in smoothies, wild blueberries are frequently found in the frozen section of your local grocery store. (Don’t confuse them with their cultivated cousins, which are larger, slightly lighter in color, and still healthy, just not anywhere near as life-changing.)

    • Hi Carol, thanks for the information…that’s interesting. I’m just guessing—but I may have once had wild blueberries in a semi-healthy dessert years ago, they were much smaller than the ones I’m used to. I’ll go ahead and try to find some in the frozen section…I don’t usually get frozen fruit, but I’m open to changing things up & it sounds like it’s worth trying out–for all the healing benefits. Thanks again!

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