So Glad I Quit Being An Idiot & Realized How Powerful Green Juice Really Is

The old “screwball” days…back when I wanted nothing to do with a green juice…

“But…it’s so…GREEN. Look, I don’t know…how can I like this? It’s probably like drinking a glass of cold grass or something. Green juice? Thanks but NO THANKS. Orange or apple I can handle…but green? I’ll pass, thanks…”

Those were once the wacky thoughts that I had and even some of the things I said about green juice. I can only shake my head at that one…I must have really had tweetie birds flying around my skull. Especially since I’ve learned how seriously healthy a green juice can really be (I’ll get to the actual health benefits in just a minute).

Now that I’ve been making my own fresh green juices for over 5 years, I can’t believe I had those mad-hatter thoughts about the most nutritious, the most beautiful natural juice that exists. I mean come on, just look at that color! When I first started juicing, I had no idea that the color could be like this. It’s so richly green, so vibrant that I would have thought it was food coloring–but no! That’s that awesome chlorophyll, plant blood. Just amazing.

It’s funny…when my husband took his green juice to work (an easier and yes, really tasty combo of cucumber, cilantro, lemon, green apples and pineapple), he said that a co-worker was blown away by the color…


(NOTE: This post is not yet complete–but nearly finished, and I can easily let you know when it’s good to go…) 


NOTE: This post is not yet complete--but that's ok!
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I dig making toasts with this gorgeous green juice…



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