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Thanks for stopping by! Listen, I’m so glad that you made it here–especially since I’ve been getting plenty of questions:

  • “Nita, aren’t you creating a health website–is it ready yet?”
  • “Didn’t you mention starting a blog–what’s the name of it?”
  • “What about those free e-books you’re writing?”
  • “Are you telling everyone about your brain cancer and what happened to you?”

Well, I’m relieved that I finally, AT LAST, have this website up and running and can start answering those questions!

I’m a 4+ year brain cancer fighter…still going and been lucky so far. Between my shocking brain tumor explosion and 6-hour emergency brain surgery, December of 2011 was a crazy year-end. The real Christmas gift was surviving all of that!

Since then I’ve been reading, researching and writing like crazy about health, life and humor each day–why? I’m building what I hope turns into this supercharged, lively, uplifting, informative, fun here and there and just plain cool health blog-website focused on being happy, spreading positive vibes, and of course fighting cancer and other diseases. While you’re here–can I ask, are you (or someone you know) battling cancer or another disease? Or are you just interested in good health?




Feel free to send me your email address–I’d love to let you know about any new articles, information I’ve discovered, new videos I’ve made, inspirational quotes that just came to mind–let’s keep in touch! In the meantime, I’m not out of the woods, I’m still learning. What I’ve learned is to never give up and to keep on pushing to get what you want. That’s been my ongoing focus–to learn as much as I can, to build up what I can an arsenal of information that I can not only use to become healthier, but to share this information also with as many as I can.

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