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About Nita Riggs Samuels

Nita Riggs Samuels is a better health writer and supercharged researcher—and she'll always be in what she calls a "deep learning mode." She has survived (still ticking) for 9+ years beyond her own 2011 brain tumor explosion. An emergency brain surgery. And a diagnosis of grade II astrocytoma brain cancer. Surviving this ignited Nita's fiery passion for continually improving her own health. It also fuels her dedication to presenting her discoveries (the “a-ha moments”) of natural healing and safer treatment options for cancer and other ailments. Nita’s glad to share her personal viewpoints, her mistakes, achievements and what she's learned about how we can all push to reach our "healthier you." Nita regularly communicates her growing knowledge through her website articles, blog posts, videos and e-books. You can find her information located at
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