Cancer Q&A

Nita Riggs Samuels

Hello…and welcome!

I’m glad to present you with articles that focus on what questions you may have about cancer, different treatments, ways to prevent cancer, things to avoid (that may trigger cancer), my own crazy cancer story and more.

And all articles are researched and written by myself, Nita Riggs Samuels, creator of Nita Healthier You.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me: 


My Crazy Cancer Story

You go in for a routine checkup at the doc’s office. Something weird pops up…and a few tests are run.

MRI, CT, this test and that. Then you’re wringing your fingers, waiting for the results…and next thing you know, the “oh no” news kicks in.

“I’m sorry,” the doctor says, even-toned voice, unchanged expression, “You have cancer. Happy New Year.” Well, in my case, it wasn’t like that. Far from it. What actually happened was a LOT different…  READ MORE



FREE DOWNLOAD–9 Cancer-Fighting Foods Checklist

This colorful list of the best cancer fighting foods for healing is so convenient…and a priceless reminder! You can download it, print it out and stick it on your refrigerator, corkboard–anywhere you’re able to see it each day…

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer…some of the best advice is including more of these nutrient dense foods in your everyday anti-cancer diet!   READ MORE




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