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Are Family & Friends Driving You Nuts, Grilling You About Your Health Decisions? Here Are 6 Ways To Handle That Stress…

When you get that cancer diagnosis (or any diagnosis), it’s no easy thing. I know–there’s SO MUCH to deal with. Huge decisions to make. And on top of all this, our family, our friends…they often wanna jump right in. They’ve gotta help…with suggestions, advice, with any and everything they can offer.   I get it. It’s because they’re concerned. They […]

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Your 2018 High Point–What Have You Done (So Far) That You’re Especially Proud Of?

Always hard to believe that Spring is already here…it seems like the year just began. That phrase we’re always hearing, “time flies” is no joke! Which makes me wonder–what have you done this 2018 year that you’re feeling pretty proud of? I’m sure there’s something you’ve done (so far) that makes you happy…doesn’t matter how seemingly small. It can be any […]

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“Thank You Berry Much–the Many Ways These Tasty Gems Can Keep Us Going Strong”

“You want a smoothie?” I’ll ask my husband some mornings before work. The rotation is usually between that and a freshly made green juice. “Sure,” he says. “That’ll work.” And his request is usually berry, meaning a combination of fresh organic raspberries and blueberries. Fresh, as in we usually buy them from the local farmer’s market, rinse and then freeze them […]

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So Glad I Quit Being An Idiot & Realized How Powerful Green Juice Really Is

The old “screwball” days…back when I wanted nothing to do with a green juice… “But…it’s so…GREEN. Look, I don’t know…how can I like this? It’s probably like drinking a glass of cold grass or something. Green juice? Thanks but NO THANKS. Orange or apple I can handle…but green? I’ll pass, thanks…” Those were once the wacky thoughts that I had […]

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