Nutrition/Food Facts

Welcome–I’m super glad that you’re here! It means that you care a whole LOT about you.

The articles I’ve written focus on ways to boost your health through the most nutritious foods, drinks, herbs and spices–it all means something. Everything that we choose to put into ourselves will either help or hurt us. No kidding, it’s that simple!


So does it really matter–what we eat?

What we eat–YESSS, it absolutely matters! And don’t let anyone tell you that it doesn’t. Why not? Because it’s a bunch of nutty nonsense! How can what we eat and drink NOT matter?

It’s like someone telling you that what you put into your car’s gas tank means nothing. “Gas doesn’t matter…go ahead and put water in, goatsmilk, crude oil–just throw whatever into your gas tank. No big deal.”

Imagine hearing something that crazy!

I’m sure anyone with good common sense would look at that person like they’re nuts. Throw anything into the gas tank? No way.


So then I ask, why wouldn’t that same reaction happen if anyone says that what we eat doesn’t matter?

Here it is: many times, any health challenges we’re facing can be better healed through the proper nutrition–meaning which foods work best for our own individual systems. There are plenty of advantages to eating more organic, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. 

NOTE: All articles are researched and written by Nita Riggs Samuels, creator of Nita Healthier You.

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