Immune System

Hello…and welcome! I’m glad to present you with articles that focus on ways to strengthen our immune system, our body’s built in, natural line of defense. Without our immune system, our body can’t do what it should do to protect us from being harmed by viruses, bacteria, pathogens, fungus, mold and parasites. And all articles are researched and written by myself, Nita Riggs Samuels, creator of Nita Healthier You.

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Getting Enough Sleep–Is it Really So Important For Our Health?









Yes indeed–rest and good sleep is a MUST! It’s our critical time to reset. And wow–it’s amazing how our brain clears out toxins and harmful proteins while we sleep–I love it. No wonder they say we need at least 7-9 hours…   (COMING SOON)


Lemons–How They Alkalize Us, Cleanse Our Liver & More

They are great for our digestive system…No big deal huh? I’m sure anyone with good common sense would look at that person like they’re crazy. Throw anything into the gas tank? Sure, that’s fine…


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