Hello…and welcome! I’m glad to present you with articles that focus on different health challenges that any of us could be facing. And all articles are researched and written by myself, Nita Riggs Samuels, creator of Nita Healthier You.

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6 Healing Benefits of Our Lovely Strawberries (Video)

I’m sure you heard how strawberries are great for us…but exactly HOW healthy are these ruby red beauties? What exactly are the amazing ways that they can help us to improve our health? Here’s my video which lists a few benefits:   (READ MORE)

Lemons–How They Alkalize Us, Cleanse Our Liver & More

They are great for our digestive system…No big deal huh? I’m sure anyone with good common sense would look at that person like they’re crazy. Throw anything into the gas tank? Sure, that’s fine…



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