Stress & Anxiety

Welcome! These articles focus on ways to boost our health through easing down our stress levels.

Wow, I’ll tell you what–if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 10+ years, it’s that stress and anxiety can cause us LOADS of health problems.

Actually, I’ve discovered that we can be on a top-notch health regimen–eating the right foods, including the best herbs, vitamins, minerals–BUT, if our stress stays on high, it just won’t work!

All articles are researched and written by Nita Riggs Samuels, creator of Nita Healthier You.

Handling Emotional Vampires–How To Avoid Being Bled to Death

Point blank, being around energy vampires can be brutal if it’s not handled the way it should be. And yeah, getting yourself “out of dodge” when an emotional vampire starts working their tricks…I say if you can, do it. Change the subject, excuse yourself, hang up the phone…whatever it takes to evade and sidestep, to flat out shut that negative wave down. (READ MORE).


Lemons–How They Alkalize Us, Cleanse Our Liver & More

They are great for our digestive system…No big deal huh? I’m sure anyone with good common sense would look at that person like they’re crazy. Throw anything into the gas tank? Sure, that’s fine…


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