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Welcome! These articles focus on ways to strengthen our health through the right foods and nutrition. Many times, any health challenges we may face can be better healed through the proper nutrition–meaning what particular foods work best for our own individual systems. There are plenty of advantages to eating more organic, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.  All articles are researched and written by Nita Riggs Samuels, creator of Nita Healthier You.

6 Healing Benefits of Our Lovely Strawberries (Video)

I’m sure you heard how strawberries are great for us…but exactly HOW healthy are these ruby red beauties? What exactly are the amazing ways that they can help us to improve our health? Here’s my video which lists a few benefits:   (READ MORE)



Lemons–How They Alkalize Us, Cleanse Our Liver & More

They are great for our digestive system…No big deal huh? I’m sure anyone with good common sense would look at that person like they’re crazy. Throw anything into the gas tank? Sure, that’s fine…





Does it really matter–what we eat?

What we eat–it absolutely matters! And don’t let anyone tell you that it doesn’t. Why not? Because it’s a bunch of hooey-nonsense! How can what we eat and drink not matter?

It’s like someone telling you that what you put into your car’s gas tank means nothing. “Gas doesn’t matter…go ahead and put water in, goatsmilk, crude oil–just throw whatever into your gas tank. No big deal.”

No big deal–really? I’m sure anyone with good common sense would look at that person like they’re crazy. Throw anything into the gas tank? No way. So then I ask, why doesn’t that same reaction usually happen if anyone says that what we eat doesn’t matter?





About Nita Riggs Samuels

Nita Riggs Samuels is a better health writer and supercharged researcher—and she'll always be in what she calls a "deep learning mode." She has survived (still ticking) for 9+ years beyond her own 2011 brain tumor explosion. An emergency brain surgery. And a diagnosis of grade II astrocytoma brain cancer. Surviving this ignited Nita's fiery passion for continually improving her own health. It also fuels her dedication to presenting her discoveries (the “a-ha moments”) of natural healing and safer treatment options for cancer and other ailments. Nita’s glad to share her personal viewpoints, her mistakes, achievements and what she's learned about how we can all push to reach our "healthier you." Nita regularly communicates her growing knowledge through her website articles, blog posts, videos and e-books. You can find her information located at
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