Live It Up With Lemons–3 Ways They Energize Us, Cleanse Us, Protect Us

I’ve gotta say…feels nice to give my husband a mason jar filled with cool fresh lemon water. Why? Because it’s one of the best ways to start our day…drinking what he likes to call his supercharging morning “energy drink.”

And he’s not kidding. The health perks of lemon water just don’t quit…from cleansing our blood, to flushing out the bad stuff, easing indigestion, boosting our immune system and so much more.



Check Out My Niece’s Gorgeous Lemon-Loving Artwork

See the lemons below? I’m truly honored to share my dear niece Adrianne Webb’s wonderful artwork…in which she highlights the sunshiny richness of fresh growing lemons. Seeing her creation repeatedly inspires my strong appreciation and love for lemons–in my opinion, one of the most amazing fruits on the planet.


It’s easy to say that lemons can be super-powerful, without a doubt our own cleansing gifts of nature. And what a treat if you’re able to pick them fresh from a tree, cut one open and squeeze that tangy juice into a glass of water…awesome stuff! If not, you can always grab them from your local farmer’s market–we stay pretty stocked up on lemons around here.

Thumbs up and the biggest “thank you” goes to my super-talented niece for taking time out of her busy days to design this vibrant tribute to nature & good health–it really fills my heart. I’m excited and looking forward to featuring more of Adrianne’s uplifting health-related artwork in future articles to come.



Here’s something jawdropping that I just learned about lemons…

Of course our natural digestion process involves hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes, and saliva. They all stimulate digestion. They all help break our foods down. And they’re all called “anions,” meaning they carry a negative charge (which is big-time beneficial for our health). Meanwhile, most of the foods we eat are called “cations,” which come with a positive charge.


But NOT lemons. Amazingly, unlike many other foods, lemons are “anions,” meaning they’re grouped in with hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes and saliva. AND, get this—lemons also carry that same powerful & YES, hugely beneficial negative charge that our body needs for healing. How cool is that?


Bottom line—lemons are tart treasures that lend a HUGE helping hand with our digestive process. Lemons oxygenate our system. Lemons super-amp our much-needed enzyme function.  Lemons trigger our liver to produce bile–and that right there keeps food moving along & throughout our “body pipes” as it indeed SHOULD BE moving along.


Wow. It blows me away how the lemon goes waay beyond just being a food! This baby goes to work and helps to keep our engine running long and strong. Here are a few ways that lemons do what classic things they do for us:


1. Lemons give us our healthy dose of vitamin C…

Lemons are a dynamite way to get our daily vitamin C—especially since they’re loaded with 187% of the daily value we need. So you gotta SEE how all of this C (sorry) triggers an increase in white blood cells, the backbone of a stronger immune system. And with a stronger immune system, we can better fight infections and keep colds and flu from overrunning us.


2. Lemons flush out those creepy toxins…

By the way—wanna jettison those yucky toxins from your liver? Of course—who wouldn’t? If so, then try ditching the morning coffee. Instead, enjoying a nice warm cup (16oz or more) of lemon water (on an empty stomach) triggers our precious liver to expel toxins and waste, the icky stuff that can clog up our body’s filter. Your daily glass of lemon water helps to strengthen liver enzymes & stimulates regular bile production–which gets us closer to a waay cleaner, better functioning liver.


3. Lemons help us to better absorb the good stuff…

Another primetime gift of lemon juice is that the acid wonderfully eases and slows down digestion—which is damned awesome. Why? Because by doing this, it gives us enough time to absorb those vital, energy-boosting nutrients our system needs. And when we take in more nutrients, guess what? Less bloating, less gas, less indigestion.


Listen, this article just scrapes the surface of the healing magic of lemons. I’ll be bringing more articles to “Nita Healthier You” that’ll shine the spotlight on lemons.

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Feel free to share–what do YOU choose to do with lemons?

What’s your favorite way to use lemons for your health? Have you tried making yourself a healthier lemonade? Do you squeeze it into your water in the mornings? Freeze it and grate it?

Do you sometimes enjoy a nice steaming cup of fresh warm lemon tea? Do you add it freshly squeezed to your carrot juice for that ultimate tang? Please share what you do with or what you’ve learned about lemons…you can easily leave your comments in the section below.



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