Right & Wrong

Hello…and welcome, thanks so much for being here.

I’m really glad, honored actually, to present you with articles (COMING SOON) that focus on (what I feel) is right and what’s wrong in our world.

Situations we may have had to deal with and experience in our daily life. The good, the bad and yeah, unfortunately the ugly.



Some of you may notice that I just recently added this section in August of 2023. Why? What triggered my adding this?

Well, to be honest, it seems that these days, more than ever, in this super-tender, highly-emotional environment, there needs to be more of this circulating–us pinpointing and discussing what we feel is wrong while highlighting what’s right. Decent. 



Overall, this section I feel is truly special.

Of course all sections I’ve created on this website I feel mean a lot,  but I’m sure this one will end up being a bit more personalized for me than the others.

So I hope you’ll enjoy it, and I hope that certain posts, articles, videos and visuals will maybe inspire you, give you hope, motivate you, lend a helping hand. That whatever you see will benefit you in some small way.



Oh and by the way, all content is produced by myself, Nita Riggs Samuels, creator of Nita Healthier You.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me: ask@nita-healthier-you.com. 

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