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I’ve gotta say, after 12+ years of living beyond a cancer diagnosis, people to this day ask me LOADS of questions including these: Nita, what are your own top cancer-killing foods? What’s the story behind tumeric and cancer? Nita what have you been adding to your own cancer killing diet…and which herbs and spices are your favorite cancer shrinking foods?



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So here we go—a list of what I’m asked about the best foods to help fight cancer:


  • Nita, I need to know—what’s on your own list of top cancer killing foods besides strawberries and blueberries?

  • What have you learned about turmeric and cancer? And exactly how have you used this golden spice help to fight cancer?

  • Which cancer shrinking foods do you eat pretty regularly?

  • Nita, be honest: does your cancer killing diet REALLY include garlic and if so, why?


1.) Nita, I need to know—what’s on your own list of top cancer killing foods?

I’m super glad you asked that!  One of the hands-down, BIGGEST lessons I learned after being diagnosed with cancer in 2011 is that YES, what we eat matters SO MUCH! Which why I created this FREE list that shows 7 of my own top cancer-fighting foods.

And again, it’s FREE–you get QUICK access, meaning don’t need to leave your email. Just click here and that’s it, it’s all yours. Feel free to check this list out, and let me know what ya think in the comments below.



Gives access to Nita's Cancer Killing foods list
You can get quick easy access to “Nita’s Cancer Killing Foods” list #1…just click the image above!


2.) What about turmeric and cancer? Any info? Exactly how can this golden spice help to fight cancer?

Hey, I mean, who wouldn’t wanna know about tumeric and cancer & the real benefits of adding this spice jewel to daily eating and drinking? For me, tumeric is one of my DEFINITE daily go-to comforts when it came to fighting cancer–why is that?



Tumeric fights inflammation and that is HUGE to say the least. When we’re dealing with chronic inflammation, this can indeed trigger so many diseases including yes, cancer.

For me, because of this, I’ve always been quick to say that for my own system, tumeric has been one of the strongest cancer-fighting foods. Whether in a capsule, powder form, in a tea, or having some of the freshly ground golden root thrown into one of my juices, I love it!

It’s one of my favorite cancer super foods, definitely!



3.) Which cancer shrinking foods do you eat pretty regularly?

Interesting…since I JUST mentioned tumeric. I can’t help it since tumeric helps to cleanse our liver, that critical organ we need when healing from cancer. Why? Our liver detoxes our body, and we need our systems regularly filtered. Another thing about this priceless golden food is it’s ability to help shrink tumors and reduce the growth of cancer cells.



Guess what? I also discovered that tumeric’s active ingredient is curcumin, and this baby is POWERFUL in an anti-cancer diet–how? Studies have shown that it’s able to reduce tumor sizes and fight against certain cancer cell signaling pathways–whoa! Oh and tumeric should absolutely be combined with black pepper, since that totally maximizes the full-scale absorption.



4.) Nita, be honest: does your cancer killing diet include garlic and onions?

Oh yes, and I’ll start by saying I can’t say enough about garlic.

I love garlic in my salad dressings (my Uncle Carl gave the recipe for the yummiest green goddess dressing), I use garlic to flavor any salmon and chicken, and I’ve even added it to some of my cancer-fighting juices. What’s so potent about garlic?

Garlic is one major powerhouse when it comes to fighting cancer. How? It’s filled with allicin–and that bad boy is a sulfur compound that reduces inflammation and stimulates detox pathways–whoohoo! 

What’s the National Cancer Institute’s verdict on garlic? Here it is: “several population studies show an association between increased intake of garlic and reduced risk of certain cancers, including cancers of the stomach, colon, esophagus, pancreas and breast.”

I’d mentioned a cancer-fighting juice I create that includes the following:

  • 32oz freshly made carrot juice
  • one freshly squeezed lemon
  • about 2 cloves of garlic

I pour all of these into a blender along with a tablespoon of fresh organic olive oil. It blends into this yummy, so tasty and nutritious drink. Garlic is powerful for targeting bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses, which is super-critical when we’re fighting cancer.

And onions–yes! Onions are loaded with amazing quercetin, another anti-inflammatory needed when healing from cancer. How do I usually get onions into my diet? Through a chickpea salad (it’s like egg salad, with an organic avocado mayo, chopped onions, Himalayan pink salt, sometimes chopped celery (just a pinch), and sometimes, I’ll throw in a few soft boiled eggs.





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