6 Healing Benefits of Our Lovely Strawberries (Video)

Check Out the Health Benefits of Strawberries

I’m sure you heard plenty of times how strawberries are great for us…but exactly HOW healthy are these ruby red beauties? What exactly are the amazing ways that they can help us to improve our health? Exactly how do they play a part in helping us to  better manage and even overcome heart disease, cancer, diabetes and many other ailments? Here’s my video which lists a few benefits:


Amazing Health Benefits of Strawberries Video


6 Ways That Strawberries Improve Your Health 

Thanks for watching the video…and while you’re at it, feel free to share it and this post with your family and friends! Meanwhile, here are more details about the healing potency of strawberries:

1. Strawberries are anti-inflammatory. They help to calm your system down by reducing crazy inflammation.

Strawberries are filled with antioxidants including anthocyanin and catechin, gallic acid, quercetin and more. What do they do? A LOT. They all help reduce free radical damage in our body–those unstable “nutjob” atoms that bounce all over the place, wreaking havoc throughout your system. Strawberries help reduce this damaging activity, this “oxidative stress” which leads to chronic inflammation and disease. Thank goodness for the helping hand of strawberries.



2. Strawberries Are Surefire Cancer-Fighters…

Their talent for blocking the increase of cancer cells and slowing down tumor growth are definitely HUGE reasons why I included strawberries in my own cancer-controlling regimen. Strawberries are a super-rich source of ellagic acid, one kick-ass phytonutrient that induces apoptosis–which is natural cell death. The trouble with cancer cells is that they don’t know when to quit…they just keep going and going. But with strawberries’ ellagic acid triggering that natural cell death–that’s what helps you get a foothold on your cancer.


3. Strawberries Keep Your Heart Going Strong…

Isn’t it something, how they are shaped just like little red hearts? Which is no wonder why the California Strawberry Commission underscores eating strawberries as a way to reduce heart disease, improve blood vessel function and lower those “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. Strawberries can even limit that plaque from building in your arteries, improve your blood pressure, better your blood circulation and lessen the chances of those dangerous blood clots forming–sweet! Which is why loving these heart-shaped babies is nothing new in my book.


 4. Strawberries Are Great For Your Brain & Can Help Fight Alzheimer’s

As a supercool “thinking person’s fruit,” strawberries contain the most fisetin–so what is it? Fisetin is a flavonoid antioxidant…and many studies have shown its helpful effects on the brain, which includes stimulating new brain growth (wow!). It’s also shown to help protect our brains from injury damage & inflammation, improves our memory and shields us from stress & brain degeneration, which can lead to memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Whoa strawberries, you rock!


5. Strawberries Help to Fight Diabetes & Regulate Your Blood Sugar 

Another amazing thing about strawberries is this: even though they are lusciously sweet-tasting, get this–they have a surprisingly low-glycemic fruit index of about 40. Yess!  Which is lower than the GI (glycemic index) of pineapple, cantaloupe and even watermelon. Dynamite stuff, since it means strawberries DO NOT cause blood sugar spikes in most people, and that is mega-cool. Along with having this beautifully low GI, strawberries are high in fiber, meaning it takes less insulin to achieve a better digestion. And meanwhile, they’re keeping blood sugar levels more normalized. Awesome!


6. Strawberries help to slow down the overall aging process…

Since they are loaded with those cavalry-like heroic antioxidants, strawberries help to combat oxidative stress, which leads to aging, wrinkles and more. Enjoying strawberries here and there can help to slow down your aging process…which I think is another major reason to add these gems to your diet.


WARNING: ALWAYS eat ORGANIC strawberries, ALWAYS! Do not EVER buy them as conventional non-organic…

It’s waay too dangerous–the risks are too high. Seriously, this is one fruit you should absolutely, without a doubt, always buy organic. So why the fire alarm when it comes to the subject of non-organic, conventional strawberries?


WARNING: Non-organic strawberries are too dangerous.
They're #1 on the Environmental Working Group's "Dirty Dozen" list for 2023.
"Dirty Dozen's" a list of the most contaminated fruits and vegetables
loaded with numerous pesticides.
Please always buy your strawberries organic, or don't buy them at all!

Well, here’s the low-down: the US Department of Agriculture’s “Pesticide Data Program” ran tests that pinpointed strawberries as clearly the most pesticide-soaked, deeply contaminated produce. No kidding.

Strawberries have once again topped the Environmental Working Group’s annual “Dirty Dozen” list for 2023. Each year this list highlights the most contaminated produce that you should always stay away from.

According to the EWP, the USDA tests found that conventional/non-organic strawberries contain dozens of pesticides and chemicals that are “linked to cancer, reproductive & developmental damage, hormone disruption and neurological problems.” It was also found that “strawberry samples contained residues of 81 different pesticides in various combinations.”

Well, that’s all I needed to know–which is why I keep my eyes peeled when shopping for strawberries. And unless they are true organic, I DO NOT touch them for anything. Ingesting pesticides–no thanks, I’ll pass on that one.


Hey–anything about strawberries that you wanna share?

Let me ask you…what’s your favorite way to enjoy your strawberries? What are the health benefits you’re most grateful for? Are you working on lowering your blood pressure, cancer, heart disease?

And how are strawberries part of your daily eating/drinking? Do you toss them in a smoothie? Slice them over your morning breakfast of overnight oatmeal or chia pudding?  Or do you just throw them in a bowl and snack on them–with nothing else? Please leave your comments below!




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