Nita’s Cancer-Fighting Foods Pt. 1–Strawberries Rock as Cancer-Fighters!

Are Strawberries Really Anti-Cancer Fruits?



To me, strawberries are surefire cancer-fighters–why? Their talent for blocking the increase of cancer cells and slowing down tumor growth  are definitely HUGE reasons why I love including strawberries in my own cancer-fighting snacks. By the way:

INFO Nugget:   Fisetin fighter vs. cancer, WHOA—get this: strawberries have this superhero flavonoid called fisetin. And a study showed that this baby can kill breast cancer cells—and without harming our good cells!

Another bonus of fisetin: it triggers apoptosis (that’s natural cell death) in prostate and colon cancer cells. Which is a triple yesss since cancer cells don’t know when to quit. So go fisetin! High five for promoting death of cancer cells!

My favorite ways to eat strawberries? Best way’s when they’re freshly rinsed after grabbing them from the farmer’s market. Yep, I love eating strawberries in a bowl–with nothing else! Yeah I know–I’m so boring! 😌


Hi, I'm Nita
An 11+ year "gladly living beyond cancer" survivor

Which is why I created this free "Cancer-Fighting Foods" list! I LOVE sharing what I'm STILL learning (and doing) when it comes to healthier, happier living...


I’ve been asked bunches of times, “Nita, what do you eat?” And that’s why I created this supercool, colorful list of cancer fighting foods–which can be a priceless reminder. And you can easily print it out and stick it on your fridge, corkboard–anywhere you can see it each day.

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Just wanted to know–what type of cancer are you facing? Whether it’s breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer…there’s one thing I’ve learned.

That some of the best advice can be to include more of these nutrient-rich foods in your daily anti-cancer diet.

I think it’s a gift: that every single day, we’re able to ACTUALLY do something deeply important for ourselves.

I love it–that you and I have the power to steadily nourish ourselves back to healthier, happier living!


"One of the best things I've learned is to include MORE of these nutrient-rich cancer-fighting foods in your daily eating."

--Nita Riggs Samuels


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