Your 2018 High Point–What Have You Done (So Far) That You’re Especially Proud Of?

Always hard to believe that Spring is already here…it seems like the year just began. That phrase we’re always hearing, “time flies” is no joke! Which makes me wonder–what have you done this 2018 year that you’re feeling pretty proud of? I’m sure there’s something you’ve done (so far) that makes you happy…doesn’t matter how seemingly small. It can be any big, small or medium step forward.


For instance…have you been smiling more this year? Did you decide to be the first to say “good morning” to a few more people…even those you don’t know? Did you take a few minutes a day to just breathe and watch the sunset? And I mean just really “kick back” and take it in? Here’s an article I wrote on the healing sunset…


Have you forgiven someone–even if that person is not quite the kindest? Even if they are still, well, a major ass…and not as grateful for your support as they should be? I know, it’s much easier to say than do–but it’s always good to make an effort. And if nothing comes of it, at least you tried.


Have you started visiting a local farmer’s market? Gary (my husband) and I love Larchmont Village…it’s nice and small and with cool vendors. I’m giddy when the figs and cherries are in season. Did you plant a few of your own homegrown herbs? If so, did you do it indoors…or outdoors? Finally got your own little lemon tree in the backyard to produce a few good lemons?


Did you take a leap…and join a book club, crafting or any recreational group? Started a new hobby that you’ve been wanting to for years? Did you sit outside and paint a picture, and decided to frame it and hang it on your wall? Have you made a really cool new friend with positive vibes? Did you let go of a negative one?


Did you go paddle boarding–finally? By the way, I’ve gotta do that one. It looks scary as I don’t know what–but exciting! It makes me laugh to picture the first time I’ll try–how the heck am I supposed to stand up on a board and just paddle? I don’t know, but Gary and I will figure it out. Others are out there doing it…so why not us?

So what am I proud of? Well, I guess it’s finally having the guts to get this website up and running. Here’s what my inner voice says about it:


“…look Anita, it’s about time that you have this thing going. This website isn’t huge…but you’re doing it, bit by bit. It’s getting there.


And yeah, it’s scary. You’re basically putting yourself out there. Sharing your writing, your thoughts, what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve screwed up. You are basically putting your ass on the line, out in the open. People will or won’t love it, people will commend, people will criticize, bash, applaud, insult, encourage, try to tear it down, praise it for lifting them up. Either/or. But at least you are now taking that scary leap. You’ve done well in 2017. Keep it going, don’t stop. And take it forward right into 2018…”


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What’s something that you achieved in 2018? Any small thing that when you think about it, makes you smile?

Anything at all that you’re relieved (and yes, happy) that you’ve done? Anything that you feel is helping your health and moving you in a better direction. Physical, emotional, mental…it’s all relative. Please share what makes you proud. Please leave your comments below!

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