Enjoying the REAL Sunset Boulevard–How Watching A Breathtaking Sunset Can Benefit Us BIG-Time

Taking This Moment To Watch Our Day’s Stunning Farewell…

Yep, that’s me in that picture down below. As you can see, I’m sitting out there, just looking at the sky. 

And doing nothing else BUT that. 

Before you start to wonder if anything went haywire, or if I’m letting off steam after one of those super tough days, I’ll tell you…no, actually, nothing’s wrong. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

I’m just kicking back, watching this tranquil sunset slowly saying it’s quiet goodbye for the day. Once again, it wasn’t one of those “tearing your hair out days” or anything like that. Just a pretty cool Saturday–we (husband Gary and I) grabbed figs and fresh herbs from the Saturday farmer’s market, trimmed some of my “yaay finally blooming” roses and went to lunch–the usual fun stuff.


And as the afternoon passed, we had an idea. It had been a dazzling day weather-wise. In other words, no signs of that occasional SoCal marine layer creeping in, making it look like Halloween in spring–nope, all was clear. So Gary and I figured why not make the most of it? We hopped in the car and decided to check out a nice relaxing sunset. 


Gary, on impulse, snapped this picture–which was cool since I’d mentioned the idea for this article a while back. Some days we’ll drive out to Torrance Beach (not far at all) and just watch this “ever-awesome event” I like to call it. All the while, just taking it all in, and doing nothing else–the sunset gets all the glory. Like Santana says, they’re never all the same–no kidding, seems like something new each and every time.


Healing Through Nature–Even On A Cloudy Day!

To this day, I still think that one of the best ways to compose ourselves, take the edge off and boost our own healing (and sanity) is to just slow down. Meaning ease down on the brakes and crank it down a notch or two (or TEN if needed). To bring ourselves to a nice and complete…STOP.


And look around…doing nothing but taking in what’s right there in front of us….OUR natural world. Our gorgeous, all-natural “nature.” Yep, and the thing is, it’s free. You don’t pay a dime. You don’t have to buy a ticket, stand in line and sit in a packed venue, waiting for the act to get going. 


Photo taken by Tiffany Martinez

These “gifts of nature” cost nothing, and can replenish our vibe and appreciation for life. Watching the sun’s colors paint the horizon…I love how it’s like watching a live painting in progress. It can genuinely calm your heart and relax your mind. It can reset you and remind you to take these quiet moments…and do your best to just kick back and enjoy them! 


By the way, I couldn’t resist…I had to share this stunning photo with you. I’m just blown away every time I look at it. This masterpiece was taken by Tiffany Martinez, our always fun & supercool family member & cherished friend. Tiffany is my husband’s niece who happens to be Gary’s exact age…how about that! Tiffany stopped in for a nice afternoon visit in L.A. while her daughter enjoyed a concert with friends. We went around L.A. for a bit, just sightseeing and ended up at Torrance Beach for the sunset, then onto dinner. As you can see, even on a cloudy day, a sunset can be so breathtaking. The three of us sat there, checking it out. And what a timeless gift that Tiffany captured this!


Even Research Has Shown That Sunsets Can Greatly Trigger Our Level of Health and Wellness

I ran across an article in Psychology Today where it says, “studies show that appreciating natural beauty may boost well-being, increase generosity and enhance life satisfaction.” I’m not surprised since a sunset always seems to leave you in a more composed state of mind. One particular study done at UC Berkeley showed that taking in nature’s wonders can have an overall psychological healing effect. How cool is that?

And in his article “The Healing Power of Nature,” Dr. Joseph Mercola says that “a connection to nature may be far more crucial for our physical, spiritual and emotional survival than we realize.”

So for those of you who make it a habit of treating yourself to a calming sunset, thumbs waay up! Keep it going–I’m sure you know firsthand what a peaceful wonder it can be. How just letting it envelop can stimulate you to give life’s stresses a backseat to this natural artistry.

And if watching a sunset isn’t really a regular thing for you–then why not try it out more? Give it a chance…and see what it does for you. And please share what you enjoyed most about it in the comments section below.

What’s your favorite sunset moment?

Where were you when you last stopped to watch the sun set? Was it right in the city, maybe from your own backyard? Was it against the mountains, in the desert, or over the ocean? What was it like?

And how did you feel while watching it…were you a bit calmer? More relaxed? Did it bring back any memories…or trigger any new thoughts? I’d like to know all about it…tell me your sunset story in the comments section right below. And feel free to forward this article to any friends, family, anyone you know who would enjoy this. 


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  1. Never really thought about the Sunset like this , But definitely have another perspective on it now ! Great post! ❤️

    1. Jeanne thanks for taking the time to read it…and I’m glad the article gives you another view on it. Sunsets can be so relaxing…since the days are now lasting longer, I’ll have to go and take more pictures. Every once in a while (here in LA) I’ll see the sunset where the skies are a rich pinkish and lavendar-like…not often, but any sunset is great to see.

  2. Thank you for this article. Sunsets (and sunrises) are so beautiful and calming. This is an encouragement to look at some more. The morning sun gives the start to the day a nice feel. Thanks!

    1. Mary you’re right…they are therapy I think. When I was a kid, about 9, 10-years old I would climb on top of our garage at 6:00am or earlier to watch the sun rise. To this day it’s just one of the best reasons to stop and appreciate the greatest gifts. I hope more people ARE encouraged to watch them, no matter where they live. Thanks for reading!

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