For the love (and health perks) of avocados!


It may sound crazy, but I’m addicted to calling avocados super-food jewels. Why? Because they’re rich, creamy, and packed with disease-zapping phytochemicals and monounsaturated healthy fats. Avocado’s such an amazing food!


And I’ve gotta be honest–the more I learned about the jawdropping health perks of avocado, the more my eyes rounded. I couldn’t help but wonder how something this delectable could be so doggone great for us!

By the way–here’s one of the biggest shockers I learned about these creamy treasures–they’re bursting with both soluble and insoluble fibers. Yep, you read that right (but feel free to read it again). Avocado, this oh-so-scrumptious dreamy treat is a top source of fiber–between 11-17 grams! I guess since avocados are so silky smooth, I never thought about grouping them in the “help keep my colon clean PLEASE” fiber club.

Now I DID say avocados have both soluble and insoluble fiber. Quick explanation: soluble fiber can help balance your blood sugar while giving you a nice full, satisfied feeling. And insoluble fiber can help you with constipation–major thumbs up!

Plus, that friendly fiber in avocados promotes better digestive health since (brace yourself) it amps the good bacteria in our gut AND decreases the bad stuff. Now that’s one I had to read again–really? Guacamole, rich avocado truffles and my yummy avocado-peach smoothies do all of this?




Avocado Q&A

Q: Is avocado really good for our bones?

A: You betcha–avocado’s powerful. I found another huge benefit of avocado is in the phosphorus we get.–52mg, nice amount! What’s phosphorus? It’s a supercool mineral that helps us maintain stronger bones–something we need of course, esp the older we get! Thank you avocado!


Q: Can avocado be nicknamed a “beauty fruit?” 

A: Yes absolutely–since avocados promote healthier skin, shinier hair, clear, brighter eyes and stronger nails. How? Avocado has lovely lutein–it’s a carotenoid that strengthens our eye health and boosts our glowing skin and hair.


Bonus Tip about avocados:

Here’s another heart-warmer–since avocados are chock full of the healthiest fatty acids, they help balance our hormones.  Yep, that’s another thing I had to reread–they help balance our hormones? Awesome–since that can mean better, more calming moods for us and less anxiety. And of course decreasing our stress ALWAYS helps a LOT when we’re working on healing and boosting our health.

OH–and avocado fiber also adds that needed bulk to our stool, giving us better, longer and waay more comfortable bowel movements. Who wouldn’t want that?


How have you enjoyed avocados?

I’d love to know–you can leave a comment below sharing your own experiences with avocados or anything else you’d like to say.


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