Cheers to making the tastiest “so-good-for-you” carrot juice!


Hey–you know something? I’ve always LOVED making fresh carrot juice from organic produce. And when you add in that super-tart lemon juice, the taste just explodes with TONS of flavor–AND health perks!

I can’t lie–drinking this feels amazingly cleansing. Not just because it’s delicious, but it’s a serious comfort knowing that you’re doing beautiful things for your own health every single day. 


By the way–wanna strengthen your body’s natural armor–aka your immune system? GREAT–and it’s a gift knowing that carrot juice can amp our immune system & shield us from harmful bacteria, viruses, pathogens and inflammation. 

OH–and it’s soooo easy to cherish the antioxidants in carrots (which include vitamin C, lycopene and beta-carotene). Those super-nutrients protect us from getting plummeted with harmful “free radicals,” those unstable atoms that can tear up our healthy cells. Thank you carrots for helping us keep those damaging free radicals in check!



Carrot juice Q&A

Q: Ever find yourself squinting a bit more at night, during the daytime–or anytime? Worried that your eyes may be headed down a less-than-healthy road?

A: An option? You can grab some fresh carrot juice–since carrots are loaded with to-the-rescue beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin. And those 3 superhero nutrients can certainly help boost your eye health!

Q: Looking to physically strengthen your beating heart? To keep it pumping long and strong? 

A: Here’s the low down–next time you make a “toast” or bump glasses, why not do it with carrot juice? Carrot juice can boost your heart health by lowering oxidative stress. That’s that crazy wear and tear that can damage your heart’s healthy cells and even lead to dreaded heart disease. So have a carrot juice cheers to a healthier heartbeat!


Bonus Tip about carrots:

Crunchy carrot fiber also helps to reduce that bad LDL cholesterol and keeps the deadly fat from sticking to your arteries and blood vessels. Carrot fiber, you are A-Okay in my book anyday!

How have you enjoyed carrots and/or carrot juice?

I’d love to know–you can leave a comment below sharing your own experiences with carrot juice or anything else you’d like to say.


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