Nita Healthier You Tip #9: Admitting When We’re Wrong…

One thing I’ve noticed about making mistakes–is that it happens to us all.

Yep, we’re all human, and yes indeed, those times come when we basically screw up.

Something else I’ve noticed? That it can be hard for us to admit when we’re wrong. And truth is, that’s never a good thing. Why not?

Well, usually the culprit is our own ego. Pride. That stuff can get in the way and keep us from owning up to what we did wrong. The irony? That the real weakness is in that stubborn pride even MORE than the mistake itself.

Possible solution? If we can find the strength to admit when we’re wrong, at least to ourselves, I think it’s a step in a better direction.  Here are good things that can come from taking responsibility for our missteps:


1. We can learn from our mistakes…

I think that learning from our bloopers is what best shields us from making those errors again. If we can learn from our blunders, chances are waay better that we can grow stronger. And growth includes remembering what we did wrong and to keep moving forward. With our newfound awareness of what NOT TO DO, of course!



2. We can uncover ways to do things better…

Taking the time to remember what we did wrong, plus learning from it–critical stuff. So since you obviously know what DIDN’T work, you can now focus on what CAN work. Something more organized, more productive. With less hassle and controversy. Analyzing what went wrong helps to place the spotlight on how it can go in a much smoother way. Hopefully, minus those previous mistakes!  


3. We’re finally getting out of our own way…

Time and time again, we can be our worst enemy. When that realization hits that we’re being stubborn and difficult, that we’re actually wrong, I feel like it’s liberating. Okay, maybe not at first–being wrong can be a tad tough to swallow. But once we see much clearer, when that “hindsight” kicks in, we’re out of our own way. And how refreshing that can be, no kidding!



 4. We’re lifelong learners…

Truth is, there’s always more to learn–always. You agree? And with that in mind, that life’s filled with lessons to learn, it could make it easier to acknowledge when we’re wrong. Let’s face it–none of us never know it all. Life itself is a big-time series of trial and errors.


Is there anything about admitting your mistakes that you wanna share?

Yeah I know, it may not be the most glitzy subject–realizing and admitting our “oops” moments. But if we can bite the bullet and do it, I’ve got mega-confidence that it can put us on those waay better roads in life.  

So can I ask…what was your “oops” moment, when you made a mistake? What happened? And how did it play out?

Were you able to admit right away when you were wrong? Or…welll, did it take a bit of time for your realization meter to raise?

If so, that’s okay…at least you did come to your senses. Listen, please, SHARE! We all could use some sound advice and learn from each other.


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