Nita Healthier You Tip #3: Surround Yourself With Encouraging Friends

One of the best things about having encouraging friends? They can add so much to our lives! Which makes it easy to see how important it is–the people we choose to surround ourselves with. 


Just think about it…when you interact with someone, how do you feel? Inspired? Happy?  Do you smile…laugh even? Are you rejuvenated–once again ready to keep moving forward through life?

Would you say that you’re supercharged? Ready to take on the day’s challenges, knowing you have a supportive friend on your side? A person you can turn to and trust? Someone that reminds you what matters most when tough times come knocking? I sure hope so, since people like this are priceless. 

As usual, I did some digging around on this one. So what did I turn up?


Info Nugget #1: Well, according to the Mayo Clinic Staff, inspirational friends play a huge role in promoting our health—which even includes reducing the risks of “depression, high blood pressure and an unhealthy body mass index.” Studies have shown that socializing with positive friends can even help increase our overall life span–how cool is that?

On the flip side, anyone who thrives on slander & insulting “back-fence talk”  is never good for us. In other words, those who radiate negativity–are serious red flags. We’re only zapped of our energy and prevented from being our better selves. People like this are deeply damaging and can truly chip away at our physical and emotional health. 


Info Nugget #2–check this out: I recently read a Good Housekeeping article noting that true friends should NEVER gossip about you, judge you, bring you down, spill what you choose to confide or discourage you from your goals. That makes big-time sense!

These actions are alarms, major warning signs that this friendship is unhealthy, just not what it should be. Another red flag? Jealousy—meaning a real friend should show support for your accomplishments, never that cockamamey resentment or bitterness.


All in all, whatever we do, it seems best to stay in touch with our uplifting friends…and at the same time, distance ourselves from those who are endlessly dark and destructive. 

By the way, here are a few of the supercool blessings that can come from surrounding ourselves with the right people:


1. Many times, supportive people give us those “just what we needed to hear” words…

We’re probably all hit with those insecure moments, when pinches of self-doubt are poking at us. Even if those shaky “not-so-sure-of-ourselves” flashes aren’t frequent, still, it’s nervewracking to experience that uncertainty. This insecurity can pop up out of nowhere. So when a friend comes along and gives us a nice (and unexpected) lift, confirming the strength that deep down, I’m sure we know we have, it’s awesome. It can be a reminder for us to “quit thinking the worst.” Because we really ARE amazing.


2. Encouraging friends are the best listeners…

It’s always a treat when a true friend asks about something pretty important you’ve been working on…why? It shows that they listen…that they genuinely care about what you’re doing! And if you need to express a few things, a real friend pays attention and gives you a friendly ear just when you need it.


3. Good friends help us to put dark times to the side…

Whatever controversies or stormy moments we’re facing, a friend that helps us to unwind and focus on better things–truly wonderful. Someone who helps us to remember what really counts in life–love, unity and remembering what gifts we DO have. 


4. Good friends inspire us to return the kindness we receive…

It’s always wonderful to know someone who is genuinely kind–to me, they’re the best influence. Their generosity is not an act, it’s not an underhanded strategy to get ahead, it’s simply REAL. That right there is a motivator for us to regularly return that kindness we receive.


Hey–is there anything about the right people in your life that you wanna share?

Let me ask you…what’s the best thing you’ve experienced about having encouraging and uplifting friends? What are some of the things you’ve noticed…what I mean is, the benefits of having these amazing people in your life? How has it seemed to help you?

Feel free to leave your comments below…and while you’re at it, you can always share this article with friends and family, whoever you think would enjoy reading this. 


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