Your 2019 High Point–What Have You Done (So Far) That You’re Pretty Proud Of?

Here we go–another year we’re flying through already. 2019 is seriously fast-tracking it–SHEESH! Once again, it’s hard to believe that we’re on the verge of sailing past mid-summer…WOW. I mean come on, it seems like we just rang in the new year…

And yep, there I am in the photo to your left–breathing in super-soothing Descanso Gardens (in La Canada Flintridge, CA).

I always LOVE how tranquil that place is…and thank goodness we made it before spring high-tailed it outta here. That’s okay…Gary and I are heading back when fall kicks in (which will be here before we know it).

It’s crazy–feels like the older we get, time is pressing down harder on that gas pedal–and not letting up for a second. You agree–or am I sounding a tad nutty about it all?


Speaking of time flying by–I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’re over 7 months into this it’snot-so-new-anymore year. So before December comes rolling in (out of nowhere, as always), I like to ask: what have you done (so far) in 2019 that you’re pretty proud of?

Hold on–don’t go cringing. I’m sure there’s something you’ve done that makes you happy…just think. Relax, take some time & get those memories flowing. And listen, it doesn’t matter how seemingly small. No kidding…it can be any big, small or medium thing you’ve done. You know the phrase–everything counts. To me, those are 2 words that are TRUE and say a whole lot.

So on that note, I’m sure there’s something you can add to your “yaay I did it!” victory list.


For instance…have you reached out to friends & family a bit more? Spending time with the best people in our lives really gives that “lift” when we need it. There’s no arguing about encouraging people & how priceless they can be! 


Do you sometimes take a moment to just breathe and watch the sunset? And I mean just really “kick back” and take it in?  Here’s that post I wrote on the healing powers of a sunset…


Anything Related To Your Health?

Have you started visiting a local farmer’s market? Gary and I love Larchmont Village…it’s nice and small and with cool vendors. One of our favorites is Nicholas Family Farms…wow, we clean up at that one! They carry the most amazing apples, lemons, cherries, figs, pomegranates, grapes….almonds, walnuts and more, all organic, freshly picked. And we usually leave with heavy bags, grinning & laughing.


So did you roll the dice–and gave it go with planting your own berries? If so, a huge thumbs up for you (and PLEASE, send me some tips on that when you get a minute). By the way, here’s an article I wrote on strawberry health benefits…


Have you decided to start conversations? Yep, START–meaning just get the ball rolling, it all starts with YOU. Yeah I know, that takes guts–especially if you’re talking with someone you’ve just met. The thing is, you’re not always sure where a conversation may lead–that can be the scary part.

As nervewracking as it can be, what’s the plus side? You can end up having an enjoyable chat with a supercool person–and that’s a definite energizer. It’s always uplifting to connect with good people. 


What Are Some Things I’m Proud Of This Year?

Okay–I’m gonna lighten up & focus on some fun stuff here. So here we go–I’m GLAD that my husband and I have been trying lots of new things. Between you and me–we’re not really into hopping around, in and out of dance clubs–it’s just not our thing.

However, we finally made it out to a place we’ve been wanting to check out–it’s called “Club ’80’s” where we met up with lively “always sending positive vibes” family members. And BOY, this place was special.

Why? It was sooo much fun–and it’s crazy how it took us back to our teen years when we first started dating (in 1985). We were actually out there dancing–and loving it! Plus, there were plenty others from our generation, having fun and reliving that era. It was a supercool vibe!


Another new thing we did?

We finally (at long last) took ourselves to the 2019 Long Beach Grand Prix. And wow was it ever a cool time! We’d been talking about going for years. It almost slipped by again this year…but fortunately, an awesome friend asked if we’d like to come check it out since he’s a huge fan.


We met up with Steve (who invited us out) along with my husband’s cousin Jeff. Sidenote: they’re actually members of a “thumbs waay up” band we love to see called “Blue Storm.” Steve gave us plenty of interesting details about it all–and it was awesome! We’ll definitely be back next year–and will stay even longer next time!


So why did I mention these fun activities? Truth is, here’s what I’m most proud of–us just DOING things instead of only talking about it. Meaning that we’re not taking life for granted–and focused on enjoying each day.

Getting out there and “having a ball,” doing what we’ve always talked about–it feels GREAT!  Plus it’s the best reminder that it’s our life, we only have one, and it’s as lively as we choose to make it.



What’s something that you achieved in 2019? Any small thing that when you think about it, makes you smile?

Anything at all that you’re relieved (and yes, happy) that you’ve done? Anything that you feel is helping your health and moving you in a better direction. Physical, emotional, mental…it’s all relative. Please share what makes you proud. Please leave your comments below!

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