Best Things in Life–Let’s Appreciate What We DO Have!

Taking that valuable time and appreciating what we DO have!

For us to remember the best things in life…amazing advice, I know. Sometimes though, it can be a lot easier said than done. Especially if we’re in the middle of another “when the hell is this stuff over” day.


And I can’t blame you when it comes to those rough days—you and I know, they can truly suck. What a bummer when we’re pushing through those “all-that-can-go-wrong-IS-going-wrong” stretches. It feels like all you did was wake up just to screw up (or be screwed).



So what can help ease all that crazy tension? Here are a few pretty cool ideas:

1. Take a moment & think about it–what really makes you happy?

You can take a nice timeout and just focus. Relax…and I’m sure these things will come to you, exactly what makes you genuinely happy.


And listen…many times it’s about the smallest day-to-day things we enjoy. Is it a cup of strong cinnamon apple tea? So strong that it makes the whole house fragrant? How about trimming your rose bushes on a sunny blue-sky morning?

Or going out and listening to live jazz? Taking a getaway road trip to Solvang…or how about a quiet peaceful evening at home? I like that one…with candles lit, talking to my husband/best friend.


It’s like what Julie Andrews sings in “The Sound of Music,” these are a few of my favorite things…



2. Why not keep a “what makes me happy” record? 

Meaning, once these things come to you, you can start jotting them down, one by one. Exactly what you’re grateful for. Relax—you don’t have to do it all in a day—just whenever you think of it.

Whatever you have in your life that warms your heart & makes you smile—doesn’t matter how small it seems. Nothing is too small, especially if it brings you comfort and puts joy in your soul.


3. Take your “what makes me happy” list with you…

It’s great to have that list right with you—your own personal favorite. You could write it all on a little pad you carry around, or in the “notes” section on your i-phone—whatever works for you.


Plus, when you’re carrying it, you can jot something down right when you think of it. Before you know it, you’ll have a nice “carry-it-with-you” list of what you appreciate most. Those classic reminders—things that bring you genuine peace and happiness.


This way, if another downer day comes your way, that list can help perk you up and remind you—hey, there’s still good in my life.


And it can help jog your memory of what’s often said during those darkest times, “this too shall pass.”

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